June 25, 2008


Subira Short Film upcoming screenings:
 13th July 2008,  8PM
     Zanzibar International Film Festival, Tanzania 
  15th July 2008 
Osian Film Festival , New Delhi, India
        Director will be present at both screenings

June 23, 2008


Subira , the award winning Short Film is screening in various prestigious film festivals around the world, some of which are listed below:
  1. Kenya International Film Festival in Nairobi, Kenya
  2. Amakula International Film Festival in Kampala, Uganda
  3. Brooklyn Arts Film Festival in Brooklyn, USA
  4. Cannes Short Film Corner, France
  5. Zanzibar International Film Festival, Zanzibar, Tanzania  
  6. Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival, Turkey 
  7. Cypress Film Festival, Cypress
  8. Obenhausen International Film Festival
  9. Osian's Cinefan in New Delhi, India
  10. Palm Springs International Film festival, Palm Springs, California USA
  11. Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival
  12. Lola Kenya Screens in Nairobi, Kenya
  13. Chicago International Film Festival in Chicago, USA
  14. Tehran International Short Film Festival in Tehran, Iran 
  15. Africa in the Picture in Amsterdam, Netherlands 

June 20, 2008


Ravneet Chadha at the AFRICALIA offices in Brussels, in May. She signed a distribution contract for the award winning short film SUBIRA.

With her (L TO R) Pauline Pigeon, Charlotte Morantin and Doreen.

The film was also screened in three commercial cinemas where the audience saw other films by East African directors like Daddy Ruharoza of Rwanda, Yerga of Ethiopia,Willie Owusu of Kenya, Martin Mhando of Tanzania and Irene of Uganda.

It was recognized that not a lot of international quality film some from East Africa and we need to create audiences for our cinema.

With her are some of the directors while at Brussels.


We shot Subira in two parts, the first shoot was in April 2007. When i reached Lamu i had no idea of who the cast was going to be. There were no real actors there and the community didn't want to act, so i only got 4 people for the auditions and had to do with those.

We had to improvise constantly to get the shots that we wanted as the actors had no idea what to do and would freeze once i said "action". We shot for a total of 9 days and had to go along with what we could get best out of the actors there.

The second time i went down in August 2007 with a larger crew to shoot act one as i had missed it out on that the first time around. We also shot some remaining scenes which we couldn't do the previous time and eventually, we got all our shots and returned to Nairobi for the edit.

It made it to the Kenya International Film Festival and won the BEST SHORT FILM AWARD, it also got a distribution contract with AFRICALIA . It has been very successful with audiences in Europe.

In May 2008 it won the Golden Impala Award for THE BEST AFRICAN SHORT FILM AWARD, at Amakula, Kampala and was selected to play a the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.

Based on its ongoing success, we are now developing the script into a feature film and we intend to shot.


Subira short film has so far won two awards and has been nominated to show in several other film festival in which it is presented to.